September 14, 2016




Dear Food Engineering, Inc. Clients and Associates,


As of October 1, 2016, Food Engineering, Inc. will cease operations.  FEI II Consulting, LLC, with Richard Thomson being the sole owner, will provide services to complete any ongoing projects and provide service.  The address and telephone number will remain the same, as follows:


FEI II Consulting, LLC

20 South 36th Street, Suite 102

Camp Hill, PA  17011


Telephone:  717.761.3731

Facsimile:  717.761.5871


Please note:


Any open invoices dated before September 30, 2016 should be made payable to:

Food Engineering, Inc.


Invoices dated AFTER October 1, 2016 should be made payable to:

FEI II Consulting, LLC.


We plan on closing Food Engineering, Inc. which we expect to be completed by December 31, 2016.  We will still have access to previous files, drawings, information, etc.   Richard Thomson will retain ownership of the copyright for all Food Engineering, Inc. files and these will still be available as in the past.  


We would like to congratulate Michael A. Glass who is now a Professional Engineer.  Any files opened after our Job No. 1615 will reflect that there will no longer be Junior Engineer hours billed.


Please contact us if you need a W-9 from FEI II Consulting, LLC, and an email address or mailing address along with a contact name where the W-9 should be sent.  We plan on completing them and sending them as soon as possible upon request.




Thank you to our clients for your continued business and to our associates with whom we rely on for your cooperation and assistance in helping us provide expedient and proficient service to our clients.


We look forward to working with you as FEI II Consulting, LLC.




Richard B Thomson


Richard B. Thomson


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